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Guizhou Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Renmin Road, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province

Phone: 18166997767


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about us

A brand design company that has gone through eleven years

Since the establishment of Shangjin Design Studio in Zunyi in 2008. For 11 years, we have been committed to providing website creation, online promotion, website hosting, software design and development, and overall information hosting for all types of enterprises and institutions seeking long-term development. The customers we serve have covered many regions in the province, and have successfully provided professional and high-quality informatized overall services for many well-known enterprises.

+ 300 +

More than 300 service experiences

+ 11 +

11 years of professional history

TOP 10

Top 10 Information Construction in Guizhou

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success case

brand design

UPTON Technology

Project background: UPTON Technology

Web Design

Provence Tourism Investment Group

Project background: We use brand creation, brand update ...

brand design

LIVEON kitchen supplies

Project background: We use brand creation, brand update ...

Package Design

BBU Bangfu

Project background: BBU Bangfu is a company that develops, produces and ...

Package Design

Shanyuantang Construction

Project background: Shanyuantang was established in 1997 and has been focusing on ...

Web Design

Energizer beverage packaging design

Project background: Guangxi Zengdian Food Co., Ltd.

brand design


Project background: 2012 Guangzhou International Optics Fair ...

Web Design

Yijiang Chemical

Project background: Guangzhou Yijiang Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in ...

Web Design

ENPOT Male Barcode

Project background: Guangzhou Xiongguan Barcode Industry Co., Ltd ....

brand design

Habor electric water heater

Project background: We use brand creation, brand update ...


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Defining brand models by studying business models

Provide excellent brand integration solutions to make the brand's long-term development and more competitive

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